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2011-11-09 08:05:41 by beautifulchaotic

Been working on art lately. Would love to get back into the flash projects. But be sure to check out my art, and theres prints available!

Gah ^_^

2010-10-05 13:03:08 by beautifulchaotic

Haven't been on here in FOREVER> Gotnna make a comeback though.

movies movies movies

2009-08-22 18:14:41 by beautifulchaotic

Working on 2 movies ATM. wish i hadnt started both, lol. but im sure they will pan out. Im doing my intro flash for CC, as Corndog clock, and im working on another music vid. look forward to seeing both on portal

Clock Day

2009-08-15 17:57:27 by beautifulchaotic

Clock day is fun, lol. i made a 20 min flash, (of decent quality) and ended up getting 4.08 LOL.
Happy clock day all!!

now movies

2009-08-08 18:07:24 by beautifulchaotic

i've started like 5 new movies in the last 2 weeks, lol. i have a really great idea for a movie, then i start working on it and get bored. im pretty sure i got a good one picked out, kindof like a PSA on something'll see, gimmie a few days.

Art scouted!

2009-07-20 18:15:44 by beautifulchaotic

my art finally got scouted today, thanks again to flyingmonkey456 for being my scouter. go and check em out!

newest flash

2009-07-17 20:14:19 by beautifulchaotic


i had my first Green submission today.
"Chick Habit"
it took me 2 days, new art style yet again.
i liked it.

i enjoi shorts

2009-07-14 00:34:41 by beautifulchaotic

cargo, parachute. all types of shorts. no. i enjoi making short flashes, flashes that take less than a day to make. if i try for anything more than that, i loose my interest...i have like 20 started flashes on my computer right now. maybe ill just lump them into one giant random movie. yes....maybe.